Due to unprecedented weather and flooding, portions of our original course are still underwater, covered in debris or otherwise closed. We have been working with the city of Sioux Falls and have created a new course. Good news ~ the race will go on!


While we held out as long as possible hoping the original course would clear, we must switch to the new course now so volunteer, police, parks and recreation, and other resources can be deployed in preparation for race day. The website and race guide have been updated and we invite you to explore the new course!

Course Maps

This new route tells the great story of Sioux Falls. It starts in historic downtown and travels through central neighborhoods toward the Zoo. From there, the route jumps on the bike trail at the Country Club of Sioux Falls. The trail travels along the Skunk Creek and features wide-open prairie sight lines. Passing the sports complex, the path eventually leads you back into downtown where we finish on 5th Street near the Old Courthouse Museum.

Course Amenities

The anticipated Sioux Falls Skedaddle course comes fully stocked with fluid stations, Gu Energy Gels, medical resources and ample toilets. Enjoy!

Time Limits

City permit applications limit the race time to 3.25 hours. The course will be closed at an 15:00 minute per mile pace. There will be time limit cutoff points located at every water station.


We anticipate beautiful running weather at the Sioux Falls Skedaddle. Here’s the historical average temps.