We want you feeling like a champ after crossing the finish line of the Sioux Falls Skedaddle! Training, nutrition and taking care of body are all essential to having your best race. Read on!

605 Running Co. Long Run Days

Want to maximize your Skedaddle experience? 605 Running Co. Long Run Days are group long runs that start at 605 Running Co. in Downtown Sioux Falls. These runs start at 7 am from the store. Join other runners training for the Skedaddle plus take part in the fun surprises each time at the store.

Long Run Days | Saturday at 7 am from 605 Running Co.


  • 1/18/2020
  • 2/15/2020
  • 2/29/2020
  • 3/21/2020
  • 4/4/2020
  • 4/18/2020

The 605 Running Company strives to offer the best individualized training experience in the region. Our team of highly qualified coaches, led by Director of Private Coaching Benson Lang’at, will work to create a customized training plan that will help meet the needs, goals, and demands of each athlete. Our individualized approach is great for runners of all skill and experience levels. We have worked with beginner runners, intermediate runners, and advanced/elite runners in helping them to achieve their goals. Learn more

Training Plans

Practice makes PRs! And there’s no better way to get ready than slapping a training schedule on the refrigerator. Choose between beginner and intermediate 12 week training plans or start 605 Private Coaching.